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How Do I Successfully Download a ZiP File Without Decompressing It?

I am a proud Mac-mini owner with OS Lion.
I would like to ask the community how to successfully download a zip file.
Usually when i download any file i have no problems and they go directly in the downloads folder. However, when i download ZIP file/s from a link, after opening the downloads folder it is not in ZIP format anymore but a folder already. What i do then is to right click on the file itself and have to press “compress ‘file name'” for it to become a Zip file again.
The problem is that the file size is not the same anymore, it is bigger than the original size of the ZIP that i downloaded from the link.
help please…

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    12 years ago

    What is happening is that the zip file is being automatically opened after the download is complete. A zip file is "opened" by the decompression tool in OS X which then decompresses it.
    So you just need to turn that option off.
    Go to Safari, Preferences. Then General. Then turn off "Open safe files after downloading."
    Now when you download a zip file, it will remain a zip file.

      12 years ago

      Thanks Gary,

      I will try that and download a zip file.

      Have a good day!

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12 years ago

    I have had no problem with zipped files,but now and again the application Zipeg tells you that it is a corrupt file,or it`s in a format that cannot be understood. Can you answer this one Gary. I am downloading something,but when the download is finished it`s just a file,and you open it with Text Edit,and on it is a programme. Which i do not understand. This has been happening a lot lately,and i haven`t got a clue what it is Gary.

      12 years ago

      If the zip files are not working, you'd need to talk to the source of the files and work with them to figure out the issue.

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