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How Do I Sum Values Between Dates In Numbers?

iPad iOS 13, Numbers 10.0
2 Spreadsheets:
one is a list of dates/times going through a toll booth, along with cost all in 1 row.
The other spreadsheet is beginning/ending date/time of a job in 1 row

I’d like to match the toll cost with the job.


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    3 years ago

    Something like this will do it.

    SUMIFS(Table 1::B, Table 1::A, ">="&B2, Table 1::A, "<="&C2) So Table 1 has toll times in column A and costs in column B. Like 3/5 3:00PM in A2 and $5 in B2. Table 2 has some text in column A. In column B is the start time, like 3/5 2:00PM and in column C is the end time like 3/5 5:00PM. So the SUMIFS function starts with the values, so the costs in column B of table 1. Then it takes the time values in table 1 column A and compares the to the cell in table 2 column B to make sure it is greater than or equal to that time. Then it takes the same cell and sees if it is less than or equal to the end time. Those values are added to the sum. That formula is in Table 2, column D. So a row of table 2 may be: "Job A", 3/5 2:00PM, 3/5 5:00PM, (the formula) Make sure all of the times in both tables are formatted as date/time and not "text" for this to work. It should be automatic if you enter a valid time format.

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