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How Do I Switch Apple IDs On iPhone?

I want to switch Apple iDs on my iPhone but i Don’t have knowledge that how can i Do?
Angela Shirley

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    6 years ago

    You need to sign out of with your current ID, and then sign in with your new one. This is a bit of a painful process as you have to choose whether to remove all of your iCloud information (contacts, events, settings, files, etc) when you sign out. If you don't, then you sign in with your new one, then those will sync to the new account too.

    It really isn't something you should do on a regular basis. Maybe one time if you are abandoning an old account for a new one on a device for some reason. But to "switch" on a regular basis will surely start to cause problems. You should have one ID and use just that one and only sign out of it if you retire or sell a device.

    To sign out, simply use the Settings app, tap on your ID at the top of the list of settings, and look for Sign Out. Then you'll see the ability to sign in when that process is done.

    Michael d
    6 years ago

    But can, and how do you actually create and use a new Apple ID entirely?
    Many thanks, M

    6 years ago

    Michael: To create a new Apple ID, sign out of the one you want to abandon so you are not signed in at all to iCloud with an Apple ID. Then go to sign in, but choose to create one. Then just use that one everywhere and never use another one. Or, if you have one you want to use as your permanent real single Apple ID, just sign out (if you are not signed in with that one) and sign in with the correct one and just keep using it everywhere.

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