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How Do I Sync 2 Disk Drives ?

What is the best way to ensure the that latest version of all the files on my iMac disk are also on on my external disk and vice versa. Thanks

I work mainly on my iMac which is where all of my files are. I use Time Machine for daily/weekly backup.

Sometimes I am away from home for long periods so I a maintain a copy of all my files on an external hard disk and take it with me to use on my MacBook Pro.

The problem comes when I need to copy updated files from the MacBook Pro back to the external disk and then to the iMac. It’s not always easy to identify which files have changed and therefore need copying. The same problem occurs when many files have been changed on the iMac and need copying to the external disk.

I need to ensure that the current version of all files needs to be on my iMac disk and external hard disk.

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    2 years ago

    You are asking me for the "best way" so I'm going to tell you, in my opinion, what the best way is.

    iCloud Drive.

    Don't do this with an external drive. That was a good way to do it in, say, 2000. But this is exactly what cloud services are for. Use iCloud Drive on your iMac and MacBook Pro and you'll have access to the same files all the time on both Macs. They will be in sync all the time with no effort on your part.

    Even if one of the two Macs has a smaller drive, you can use the Optimize feature of iCloud Drive to handle that.

    Life will be easier. No external drive to maintain and keep in sync. Plus your files will exist outside of your home so they will be more secure from disasters.

    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary, that's awesome and I've just watched more of your clips on iCloud Drive and they explain it really well.

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