Forum Question: How Do I Sync Apps Across Multiple Devices With iCloud On iOS Devices

I have 4 family members in my household; each person has their own iTunes and iCloud account. What if we wanted to share apps via iCloud without paying for it again on a seperate device. For e.g. if i was to purchase Garageband on my iPad but not any other device, would i be able to share it on to a family members device for free or would i have to pay for this app again.
Also, if I was to have an iPad and iPhone how do i sync these with my personal iTunes and iCloud account.
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    12/30/11 @ 9:34 am

    You wouldn’t use iCloud for this. No feature of iCloud will help you here because iCloud is all about YOU — a single iCloud account with your stuff.
    But there is something else that can help. A feature of iTunes called Home Sharing. You don’t mention what you use to sync your iOS devices. But I assume it is a Mac or PC with iTunes. There is a feature called Home Sharing that lets you share music and apps between accounts.
    Basically you turn Home Sharing on in iTunes prefs. But from there it depends — are you all on the same computer (different user accounts) or do you all have your own computer? Read up on Home Sharing and how you can use it to grad apps from each others accounts. It involves authorizing each of the other accounts on your prefs in iTunes (so you have 1 account but are also authorized to use 3 others). See

    12/31/11 @ 6:09 pm

    Thank you gary. This is very useful!

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