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How Do I Sync Contacts Between Two iCloud Accounts?

My wife and I have separate iCloud accounts. We can share most every Apple productivity app (calendar, photos, email) and have them sync dynamically except for Contacts.

I understand how to add my wife’s iCloud account to Internet Accounts on my Mac and enable Contacts. However, I have to manually copy contacts from my iCloud account to her’s. I really want to have a dynamic sync such that a change in contact made on any of our five Apple devices will automatically change on the other four, just like Calendar does.
Ron Melzer

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    5 years ago

    There's no function to sync contacts with iCloud. It just isn't an option.

    You could always use another account, like a free Gmail account you create just for this purpose. Store all of your contacts in that account. And then both add it as an account in the Contacts app. It does get tricky though, as when you create a new contact you need to make sure you are using this Gmail account to store the contact, not your iCloud account.

    One advantage is that then you can have both individual contacts and shared ones. Contacts that are just for you can be put in your iCloud account, and contacts to be shared are in the Gmail account.

    Ron Melzer
    5 years ago

    Thank you.

    Apple did not think this out in terms of sharing and it is probably hurting their sales to companies. Calendar and Reminders have good share/sync capability. Photos is only half thought out. Contacts not at all.

    Thank you for all you do. I wish you and your family the very best during this holiday season.

    5 years ago

    Ron: I'm pretty sure companies that rely on sharing contacts, like perhaps sales forces and such, use specialized business software that has that built in. There are lots of these, and I doubt a simple sharing solution in iCloud is going to get companies to switch away from them. iCloud is meant to be more of a personal service, and doesn't really compete with "enterprise" services like that.

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