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How Do I Sync New iPhone With Mac Calendar?

Just upgraded to an iPhone 8. Everything seemed to transfer except my calendar on the iPhone did not pick up all my appointment and events. I have googled help but it has not helped me fi the problem. Any suggestions would be appreciated
Art Victorine

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    2 years ago

    Are you using iCloud? If you are using iCloud for both your Mac and iPhone, then everything should sync automatically. However, one or both of your devices are not using iCloud, or some of your events in your calendar are saved to the local drive, then they will not sync unless you do an old fashioned manual sync via iTunes. But I would recommend switching to iCloud for all of your calendars.

    Also, it is possible that a calendar is neither local nor iCloud, but on another cloud service, such as Google. In that case, make sure your devices are both using the same Google (or whatever) account and that Calendar is turned on for both of them.

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