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How Do I Sync PDFs From Mac To iPad and Vice-versa

iPad Air – iOS 9.3.2
MacBook Pro – OS X El-Captian, 10.11.1

I wish to sync PDF files on the two devices on iBooks. While I could transfer files from iBooks on iOS to OS X, but can’t do the other way round as iTunes doesn’t show PDF files in Books on Mac. Therefore can’t sync files with iPad device.
VIjay Kumar Sharma

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    4 years ago

    iBooks does this automatically through iCloud, not through iTunes. There is no need to sync with iTunes if you are using iCloud.
    However, you may need to get your Mac up-to-date if you are still using 10.11.1. That feature was added in 10.11.4 (current version is 10.11.5).

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