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How Do I Text To an Android Phone From My iPad?

I found that SMS was turned off on my iPhone. After I turned it on I was able to send Messages to an Android phone. When I tried to send a message from my iPad it didn’t work and I could find NO setting to turn SMS ON. How can I send a message to my son who uses a Samsung phone? Apple notes tell me:
1) in messages—not registered with iMessage
2) in FaceTime—phone calls not available.
Apple gives no instruction on how to do this.

Why must Apple make it so difficult to communicate with non-Apple devices? Some time ago Apple learned that they must live alongside Microsoft. And they did it. Now Android is the foe and they won’t accept that. I just want to be able to text my son’s Samsung from my iPad, and know how to set it up if this is required.

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    10 months ago

    Not difficult. You just missed a setting. On your iPhone go to Settings, Messages, Text Message Forwarding. Make sure your iPad is turned on under that.

    SMS messages are sent through your mobile phone providers, not the Internet. So your iPad can't send them because it doesn't have a connection to your mobile phone provider. But Apple lets your iPad (and Mac) send SMS messages through your iPhone. Very handy. But you have to turn this on in those settings.

    Apple has instructions with more details here:

    10 months ago

    There is NO “Text Messages Forwarding” in my iPhone settings. I’m using iOS 16.1.7

    10 months ago

    Diana: It should be in Settings, Messages, and then scroll down. Make sure you are in the right place. The only reasons I can think that it may not be there is if you have SMS turned off completely, or you don't have any other devices that are also set to use the same Apple ID as your iPhone.

    10 months ago

    My workaround for the same situation is to use Facebook messenger. Of course, it requires that both have Facebook accounts. I like it as I can also send photos, videos, voice recordings and even make calls.

    Rick Sink
    8 months ago

    What if I have an Android phone, not an iPhone. Can I still send text messages from an ipad?

    8 months ago

    Rick: SMS? No, there would be no way for your iPad to have access to the SMS system.

    5 months ago

    I am trying to message my dad who has an android off my iPad 9th Gen, whenever I try to message it says message not delivered. It happens whenever I try to message any android phone number, how do I fix it so I can message android numbers?

    5 months ago

    Gabby: Are you trying to use SMS Forwarding through your iPhone? You set it up like this:

    2 months ago

    After pulling my hair and searching everywhere , I solved it by checking whether the Phone number is blocked.

    4 hours ago

    Gary I am having the same problem as Diana. I have gone in and checked the setting on my phone to Forward messages to my iPad but there doesn't seem to be a setting to receive SMS FROM the iPad. I have not been able to find a solution to text message an android FROM my iPad.

    3 hours ago

    Screamer: There is no "receive" setting, just the forward. That's all you should need. Make sure you are using the same Apple ID for both and have Messages turned on in iCloud settings for both.

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