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How Do I Transfer a Ringtone From Mac To iPhone?

I have created a ringtone from a segment of a song in iTunes, renamed it to .m4r, etc. It appears in the iTunes list of ringtones. I use iTunes Music Library (the iCloud subscription match service) to make content available everywhere, so I have never plugged my phone into the Mac to sync anything, and this confounds the help I’ve received from various forums. Whatever I need to do next is not obvious. Help?
Joel Anderson

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    3 years ago

    You need to sync to your Mac via iTunes. That’s something you can’t avoid here. You don’t need to sync anything else but your ringtones, but you need to do that as iCloud doesn’t have any service that syncs those.
    Use the various tutorials you have probably seen to do that, but just don’t select anything else (music, movies, contacts, etc) since you are already doing that another way.

    3 years ago

    Thanks, Gary! That worked perfectly. The initial message almost scared me off, iTunes wanting to a) set up as a new iPhone, or b) restore from a backup (of other, older devices). I clenched my teeth and chose a). Nothing to worry about.

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