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How Do I Transfer Content From My Mac To TV App On My iPad Without a Cable?

I’m taking an international trip in two days. I want to top up my iPad Pro with some documentaries to watch during the transatlantic flight. Problem is, I don’t know how to get them from iTunes on my Mac to the TV app on my iPad.

I don’t have the right cable to connect the two devices directly, and I don’t have time to order one before my departure. And the nearest store that would have one is several hours away.

I’d hoped to wirelessly sync, but nothing shows up under “Devices” in iTunes on the Mac (both are on same network).

I can Airdrop the video files from Finder to the iPad, but they open in the Photos app instead of the TV app, so it doesn’t remember where I left off watching, etc.

Is there another way to go about this?

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    2 years ago

    Is the issue that you have a newer MacBook with a USB-C port and you only have the older USB-A cable for your iPad? It is a shame that you don’t have time to get a new cable. The only way to set up wireless syncing is to first use a cable so you can connect the iPad to the MacBook and turn on wireless syncing once it appears.

    So you are stuck using other methods. When you AirDrop, do you get the option to add to Files instead of Photos? So if, then you can at least watch the videos in the Files app. You should be able to watch them in the Photos app too, though. It isn’t idea, but it should work. I’ve done that before.

    Another option would be to use iCloud. You should at least be able to but the files on iCloud Drive and the download them on your iPad in the Files app. Same for an alternative like Dropbox. You would just need the Dropbox app.

    Those are the only alternatives I can think of. Of course you can always rent movies from Apple and load them directly on your iPad. If you use Netflix or Amazon Prime you can download a lot of their content for offline play too. Those work inside their respective apps.

    2 years ago

    It’s actually the reverse. I have an older MacBook Air with USB-A, and a new iPad Pro with USB-C. When I AirDropped, it didn’t give me options. It chose Photos by default. I did try putting them in iCloud and accessing them from my iPad through the Files app. While it still didn’t let me open them in the TV app, it did let me open them in VLC, which is better than having documentaries in my Photos library at least.

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