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How Do I Transfer Files From a Tascam Recorder To a MacBook Air?

HI, I am trying to transfer files (original music) for a friend from a Tascam DP-03 digital recorder to a new MacBook Air M2. I connected them via rca out of the Tascam to usb on the MacBook. I was told someone else had previously done this for him, exactly this way, on a different MacBook and it worked – but I can’t see the Tascam on the MacBook desktop. Is there some setting that I need to have on to be able to see it? I think if I could locate the files on the Tascam, then I could put it in Garageband and manage it just like I do on my iMac – except in Sound, in settings, all I see for input is MacBook Air Microphone – no other options. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

I am asking this question about file transfer because I can’t see a Tascam digital recorder file on the MacBook Air desktop so that I can copy it and work with it in Garageband.

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    1 year ago

    You probably have external drives turned off for the Desktop in Finder Settings. But you don't need it. Instead, look in the Finder sidebar for the drive. Should be under Locations.

    If it doesn't appear there, try disconnecting and reconnecting. If still not, then see if it shows up in Disk Utility and you can select it there and "mount" it. If still not, then maybe you need to install something for that device to be recognized as a drive? Check the manufacturer's site.

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