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How Do I Transfer From Old Computer To New Computer?

A while ago you asked us for ideas for your video weekly shows. Here’s one that, frankly, would help me personally (and all other Mac users), I am sure!) a lot:

My current iMac (mac OS High Sierra Version 10.13.6) was manufactured/purchased in Mid 2011 and, according to Apple, I will not be able to further update its system. I am seriously thinking in purchasing a new computer soon.

Would it be within MacMost’s realm to show (me/us) what must be done when one purchases a new iMac computer and wants to ensure that it will have all the “bells-and-whistles” of the previous one?
Sorry for such long question.
Fernando Gonçalves

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    2 years ago

    Apple has a system for this already in place: Migration Assistant. It is hard to show in a tutorial because I’d need to actually do it to show it, screen capture during the process would be problematic, plus there isn’t really anything to show.

    But Apple has a great page on how to do it. How to move your content to a new Mac.

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