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How Do I Transfer Just Audio From a DVD Video?

Transfer video audio from a dvd.
John E.

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    7 years ago

    The way to do this is basically the same as how you would do it for video. You would use a "DVD ripper" tool. There are some in the Mac App store. They may or may not have the option to export as audio only. But if not, then just export as video, open it in QuickTime player, and export the audio from the video.
    This of course assumes this is a DVD that is friendly to "ripping" -- if you are using a DVD that tries to prevent you from ripping, then you probably shouldn't be doing it anyway. But other than that it won't quite work.

    Jeff White
    7 years ago

    Another way is to use FFMPEG and the terminal, there is a lot of documentation on the ffmpeg website its all open source and its not too complicated. I use it quite often. You can also raise or lower volume levels and adjust a variety of audio levels.

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