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How Do I Transfer Photos To Memory Stick and Keep In the Original Order?

How can I transfer a large photo folder’ s contents to a memory stick, sequentially, as I have arranged them rather than chronologically?
Avril Lees

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    4 years ago

    By photo folder, I assume you mean an album in the macOS Photos app?

    The arrangement of photos in an album is data that is saved in the Photos library. If you export the photos, they are simply files with no arrangement at all. Just files.

    If you list those files in the Finder, you can sort them in the same way you sort other files, such as by name or date.

    So to have them in a specific order, you need to export them with file names that are numbered sequentially. Then you can view them in a Finder folder (or on a memory stick) by name and the order will match the order in your original album.

    With the album shown and the photos selected, go to File, Export, Export X Photos... Then for File Name, choose "Sequential." This will name the exported images something like 1.jpeg, 2.jpeg, etc. When you view these files in the Finder or in some other way sorted by filename, then they will be in the same order as you original album.

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