Forum Question: How Do I Transfer Photos To My iMac Using the iCloud?

I am using iPhoto 09 on my 3 year old iMac. I now also have an iPad and an iPhone. How do I get photos from them onto my iMac? I know they are in the iCloud and go between my iPad and iPhone.
Louise Schlosser

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    9/11/13 @ 7:10 pm

    It sounds like you are using the Photo Stream feature of iCloud, correct? That would automatically put any photos you take on your iPhone or iPad onto Photo Stream, and they would then appear on each device, since each device would sync with iCloud.
    Getting this on your Mac works the same way. You just enable Photo Stream in iPhoto just as you have enabled it on your iPhone and iPad. iPhoto preferences has a whole section on Photo Stream. Turn it on, sign in, and you are set
    However, the problem is that you mention iPhoto 09. That’s an old version of iPhoto. The current version is iPhoto 11. iPhoto 09 predates iCloud and Photo Stream by several years, so it doesn’t know anything about them. You’ll need to upgrade to iPhoto 11 in the Mac App Store before you can use Photo Stream on your Mac. I suspect you may also be using an old version of OS X — you’ll need to upgrade to Mountain Lion as well.

      Louise Schlosser
      9/11/13 @ 10:20 pm

      I am using the current version of mountain lion but also using the 09 iPhoto. Will up grading my imac to iPhoto 11 fix the problem?

        9/12/13 @ 6:48 am

        Yes. You need iPhoto 11 to use Photo Stream. Photo Stream didn’t exist when iPhoto 09 was released.

          Louise Schlosser
          9/12/13 @ 8:24 am

          Thanks for the help.

    9/12/13 @ 6:40 pm

    Does yourMAC software update notification work?
    Gary is 100% correct (as usual) – ’09 iPhoto is useless to you for iCloud.

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