Forum Question: How Do I Transfer the Content Of My Time Capsule To an External Hard Drive?

I will soon install CAT 6 wiring while simultaneously replacing my 2012 Time Capsule (3 Tb) since it is no longer supported by Apple. I will replace the TC with a Ubiquity brand router and an SSID external drive (brand undecided). I want to do this before the TC fails. Not sure the sequence of tasks to follow. My SSID is also backed up to the Cloud. My MacOS El Capitan will not be upgraded. I have a 2012 MacBook Air with 500Gb SSID and 8 Mb of RAM. This seems like a monumental task and I want to do it correctly. Thanks in advance for your expertise!
Ron Hinson

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    2/24/17 @ 9:51 pm

    First, Time Capsule is certainly still supported by Apple. They have it for sale, and issue updates. You are probably referring to the report that Apple employees were shuffled around a while back and it is unclear where the engineers are who work on the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule. But there was no announcement, I believe, of the end of support. And, as I said, they still sell them.
    If you are switching to a different backup system, then you are overthinking it. Just hook up your new system and start backing up to it. Keep the Time Capsule in a closet for a while and after the initial backup, and perhaps a few months of revisions, you can consider the TC no longer needed.

    Ron Hinson
    3/7/17 @ 6:16 am

    Thanks. 1) will I lose Airplay function on my iOS devices when I add the new router? and 2) if I connect an external hard drive directly to my new router, will it back up automatically like the TC? Finally, please recommend a solid state external hard drive (2T) connected by USB to my laptop. I have been following MacMost for years and really apprecitiate your assistance!

    Ron Hinson
    3/7/17 @ 6:28 am

    Addendum to last question submitted: what network changes to my El Capitan system do I need to do when deleting TC and replacing it with my new stand alone router? Thanks for your patience.

    3/7/17 @ 8:15 am

    Ron: I don’t see why you would lose Airplay. Once you set up Time Machine to back up, it should continue to back up automatically. I guess if a new router or drive is flaky and disconnects a lot or something then you could have problems, but otherwise it should work.
    I don’t have a recommendation for a drive — I’d need to buy and try many of them to really be of help to you there. But it would be a waste to use a SSD for a backup drive. SSDs are fast, but you’ll be backing up over a network, which is slower than an SSD. I use standard HDs for anything over the network. Otherwise you are spending too much.
    Not sure about your last question. Network changes? Just connect to the new Wi-Fi.

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