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How Do I Turn Off Delete Confirmation?

I am reviewing about 35,000 photographic images taken by several people. There are many that are not worth keeping. I want to delete these immediately. That is, not allow them to go to trash. Option + command + delete keyboard combination does the trick, however, having to confirm each delete request is bothersome.

Is there anyway to bypass the confirmation or to turn off the confirmation?

Jon Shearer

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    5 years ago

    There's no way to turn that off. But why use that command when you can just use Command+Delete? That puts the file in the Trash. Then you can delete the trash later on after you have accumulated a bunch of files in there or at the end of the day, or whatever. That's exactly what the Trash is for.

    You could even turn on the option to empty the trash automatically after 30 days, and then treat the Trash as "it has already been deleted."

    5 years ago

    Thanks for your reply, Gary.
    I'm aware of that option and I do have the 30 day rule in place. I'm the sorta fella that says don't handle it twice if you don't have to. Also, I'm OCD about keeping a tidy workplace. If there's no reason to keep, get ride of it. Now, I've just deleted ~5,800 images (why dups I don't know). My fallback is as you suggested.

    Thanks again.

    5 years ago

    Jon: But think of it as number of actions. If you do it for each file, that is two actions. One to use the keyboard shortcut, one to confirm. So if you do it 100 times per day, then it is 200 actions. But if you use Command+Delete, and then empty trash at the end of the day, that is 101 actions.
    As for a tidy workplace, I get that. But if you don't ever use the trash, then there is no point to it. Maybe think of it as the best practice process: you delete files all day, and empty the trash at the end of the day.
    Another option is to stick with Command+Option+Delete and use Command+D when the confirm dialog box appears. At least then you keep your hands on the keyboard.

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