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How Do I Turn Vibrate Off for My Alarm?

There are few things as pleasant as waking up to the soft piano intro of Diana Krall’s “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”…except when it’s being drowned out by intermittent vibrating! Is there a way to turn vibrate off for the alarm without turning vibrate off for incoming calls?

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    7 years ago

    Have you tried turning off the vibration main setting in Settings, Sounds, then turning on the vibration under Rings and other items in the list? I think this will silence the alarm, but then the custom setting for Rings and other will override that. Not sure. Try it and report back.

      7 years ago

      No luck. No matter what combination of settings I try, it’s either all vibrate or none. Can’t seem to split it. This is complicated by the fact that Clock Alarm is not included in the list of sounds.

    Gordon Potter
    7 years ago

    I have iOS6 and have no trouble turning off vibrate. Settings; General and there are two settings with on/off options. The two are “Vibrate on Ring” and “Vibrate on Silent” NOTE: These are the defaults. If you have “set” something different for an individual contact, that may well over ride the default setting. Between now and when you find any individual contact settings, you can turn the iPhone Off. (See the UserGuide form

      7 years ago

      Gordon: The problem that Cameron has is that he wants to turn off vibrate only for the alarms. Your suggestion works, but it also turns off vibrate for phone calls and messages.

        6 years ago

        Ok… played with the vibrate settings. During the day my phone MUST be on silent and I need the vibrate to function, but I, like Cameron, would like to wake to a selected song (to get my day started off with the right motivation…etc). In the evenings, I turn the ringer back on as my phone may not be on my body… and I don’t trust vibrate to wake me if I get a late-night call. HERE’s the key. Toggle off “Vibrate on Ring.” The song then plays as the alarm without the anoying buzz buzz…

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