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How Do I Unbold Text In Pages?

Thursday, January 07, 2021, 12:30 p.m. – I am trying to find a way to “unbold text” in the Apple Pages app. I can bold text (Command + B) but I cannot unbold text without going to the Inspector, thus moving my hand from keyboard to mouse and then move the Mouse to the BOLD icon in the inspector. I have search this MacMost site, no hits, I have Googled this query and have found several other people who have had the same query as I do, but no definitive solution. Seems odd that if one can bold something as in text they should be able to use the same command to unbold. Any solution?

If I can find a “simplified” way to unbold text in Pages it would mean I can get things done quicker, I’ll be less frustrated and I may not consider moving away from Apple Pages and use another text editor like Ms Word.
Don J J Carroll

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    2 years ago

    Command+b, which is a shortcut for Format, Font, Bold, is a toggle. If you have plain text selected, and use Command+b, it will bold the text. If you have bold text selected, and use Command+b, it removes the bold format.

    There are two situations I can think of where this may work differently. One is if you have a mix of bold and plain text selected. Even if it is just one character, like a space or punctuation mark at the start of the selection that is plain, while the rest of the selected text is bold, then using Command+b will make all of the selected text bold. A second Command+b would then make all of the selected text plain.

    Another situation could be if you are using a font that has only a bolded variation. Fonts usually have several versions wrapped up into one "font." Usually plain, bold, italic and bold italic. Some fonts may have light, medium, black, and more as well. And some fonts may have just plain, or just bold. If that case, you may not see any change when you use Command+b.

    Don J J Carroll
    2 years ago

    Thursday, January 07, 2021, 1:19 p.m. - Awesome Gary, once I saw your answer than I knew that there had to be a reason why my method of using Command + B was not working. I then recalled that sometime ago, for some unknown reason, I created a bold short cut in Mac Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, App Shortcuts and I used "Command + B". After I saw your message I went back and deleted that shortcut and now I can do what you describe your reply. Now a Happy Camper in Atlantic Canada!

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