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How Do I Understand Mission Control’s Preferences?

Really good video about multiple desktops. Watched it twice, and learned a lot. Two Q’s:
1. the 4 checkboxes in MC preferences, having trouble understanding what the 2nd, and 4th checkboxes do. I’ve been playing with the 2nd box preference, with the same app on different desktops, and it always takes me back to the desktop with the open app. I see no difference checked, or unchecked?
2. How did you get an app, Maps, in particular, opened on two different desktops?

Thank you.

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    2 years ago

    The second checkbox is "When switching to an application, switch to a space with open windows for the application." It does exactly what it says. If I have a TextEdit window open in Desktop 1, and I am in Desktop 2, and I switch to TextEdit with the Application Switcher or the Dock, it will take me to Desktop 1 if that is checked. If it is not checked, I will remain at Desktop 1.

    But keep in mind that a Full Screen app doesn't count. If you are using a Full Screen app and switch to TextEdit, then it will take you to Desktop 1 no matter how you have the checkbox set. There is nothing else but that app when you are in Full Screen mode with a window, so it doesn't make sense to ever switch to an app and remain on the Full Screen app.

    The fourth checkbox applies to people who have multiple screens connected to their Macs. Checked, it means you can have Desktop 1, Desktop 2, etc, and Full screen apps for each screen. Unchecked it means the screens share the desktops, so if you have Desktop 1 and Desktop 2 and switch, then both screens switch together.

    To get an app like Maps to open in two desktops, create the two desktops, so you have Desktop 1 and Desktop 2. Then in Desktop 1, launch Maps and you'll see a window there. Then switch to Desktop 2. Use the Application Switcher or Dock to switch to Maps (Obviously you need to have that second checked you asked about unchecked). Then choose File, New Window.

    Alternatively, you can open two windows fo Maps on Desktop 1. Then go to Mission Control and drag one of those to Desktop 2.

    I'm assuming here you just want windows on Desktops. If you want two different Maps windows open in Full Screen mode, then create the two windows on Desktop 1. Then take the first one Full Screen. Then return to Desktop 1 and take the second one Full Screen.

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