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How Do I Uninstall Adobe Reader Safari Plug-In On Mac?

I run a lab that has 9 iMacs. All have Adobe Reader installed. I prefer that the students use Preview to learn how to (for example)use Safari to access > Manuals, view them and use File >Save As to save them to their computer.
Shirley Allan

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    6 years ago

    There are two different things you get when you install Adobe Reader. The first is the app. That is a handy app for reading PDFs. Since Adobe is “in charge” of the PDF file format, having the app from them can come in handy. You may find that a PDF won’t look right or act right in Preview because it is using some odd, obscure or very new feature of PDFs. No harm having this free PDF viewer on your Mac.
    But the second thing it installs is the Safari browser plug-in. This can be very annoying. Instead of PDF files opening nice and quickly in Safari, they will open in Adobe Reader. It takes more time to appear and then doesn’t interact with Safari very well. It isn’t a smooth viewing experience.
    You can uninstall this plug-in by removing two files.
    Go to your main hard drive level, often named “Macintosh HD” or something similar. Look for the Library folder. Go in there and look for the “Internet Plug-Ins” folder.
    Inside that, find these two files:
    Remove both of those. That severs the connection between Safari and Adobe Reader and now your PDF viewing from inside Safari should return to normal.
    If you want to completely uninstall Adobe Reader, then simply continue by finding the app inside your Applications folder. Throw it in the trash and empty the trash.

      Shirley Allan
      6 years ago

      You forgot one step. You have to do a Restart to get Preview to work as it should after removing the two plug-ins. My nine iMacs are all happy now that the students don’t have the annoying plug-ins installed!

    Shirley Allan
    6 years ago

    Thank you Gary, That is I’m sure is what I’m looking for. Then we can go to “Save as” (in Safari) and save the manual to the desktop for later viewing in Preview.

    6 years ago

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