Forum Question: How Do I Unite Four Text Boxes So They Act As One Unit In Keynote 6.6.2?

I have four text boxes and I want to combine those text boxes so I can bring them into Keynote 6.6.2 presentation as one build. They come in one at a time and I want them to come in all at once. My OS is 10.11.6. My mac is a MacBookPro and it was purchased in December 2011. It has a 15 inch screen.
George Coder

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    8/7/16 @ 7:56 am

    Select the four text boxes. Then click the Animate button at the upper right. Set the animation transition type. Then click on the Build Order button at the lower right.
    In the Build Order window, select the second text box. At the bottom of the window is a pop-up menu that probably reads “On Click.” Click that and select “With Build 1” — that may not be “1” if you have other items there too, but you get the idea that you need to use “with” instead of “after” or “on click.” Do that for the other two text boxes. Now all 4 will animate at the same time.
    Alternatively, and with a slightly different result, you can simple choose the four text boxes, then select Arrange, Group. Now they are one element. Now when you go to Animate you can set the group to animate instead of each box.

    George Coder
    8/7/16 @ 2:04 pm

    I tried it both ways and they both worked like a charm. I was elated.

    George Coder

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