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How Do I Update Apps On My iPad Without Wi-Fi?

I want to update some apps on my iPad, but don’t use WiFi, just Ethernet & Spectrum cable. I don’t want to go to a Starbuck’s or another WiFi location because I don’t trust them. Seems like every time I did that in the past, problems happened. Thanks.

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    2 years ago

    Your best bet is to use a Wi-Fi network somewhere. If not a coffee shop, maybe there is a library or friend’s house you can go to? If you don’t trust the network, simply refrain from doing anything else other than updating. Don’t change your email or browse the web.

    So you have no Wi-Fi available at home at all? Your cable modem should offer some sort of Wi-Fi functionality, does it not? Otherwise, you may want to call them and see if you can get a newer modem with Wi-Fi for free as I’m sure they provide that to their customers.

    You can get adapters for your iPac to connect it to ethernet, but I’m not sure how well they work. It doesn’t seem like the best solution.

    2 years ago

    Hi Gary….thanks for the quick reply. I understand what you’re saying, and was hoping for another way that I just hadn’t seen. I don’t have WiFi because I don’t WANT WiFi, especially in my home. Spectrum offered it but I didn’t accept it. Just my own feeling about EMFs, Smart Meters, and all things invasive to my health. No worries…I’ll go to the Library! Thanks

    Douglas Brace
    2 years ago

    If your iPad is a model with USB-C, one possibility would be to use a USB-C to Ethernet adapter with a standard Ethernet/network cable for a wired Internet connection to your iPad. Regardless of the model of iPad, another possibility would be to use iTunes on a traditional desktop or laptop to download the updates and then sync them to your iPad using your regular iPad charging cable.

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