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How Do I Update My Current Location” In Apple’s Database?

Location Services no longer works on my iMAC and iPod Touch since I moved three months ago. I am not located nearby any other WiFi networks so location services cannot triangulate my current location. In the past you could update your physical location by Latitude and Longitude and MAC address to Skyhook Wireless, but Apple no longer uses them for their location database. So here i sit in the middle of nowhere unable to use Maps, weather apps, or any other app that uses location services.

iMac, late 2015, OSX 10.11.4
iPod Touch 5th gen. iOS 9.3
Jim Scudder

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    4 years ago

    Some things to try:
    Change the name of your wifi network.
    Go to System Prefs, Security & Privacy, Privacy. Try disabling Location Services completely. That at least will get it to stop recognizing the wrong location. Then turn it back on a minute, hour or a day later to see what happens.
    The problem is that you don’t have an iPhone, correct? I hear that if you connect with an iPhone and it determines the real GPS location, it will then update the virtual GPS location associated with your wifi router. Could work with someone else’s iPhone, perhaps?
    You can still use Weather apps and Maps, BTW, it is just that the default location will be wrong.
    Another thing to try: Delete the folder ~/Library/Containers/ to see if that at least resets the weather app.

    Jim Scudder
    4 years ago

    My wife has an iPhone, using my iCloud account. I am signed in, the iPhone is and has been connected to our Wifi network, so rumors that it will update the database do not seem to be true in my case. I will try changing the SSID, disable Location Services and deleting the file you noted and report back. Thanks.

    Jim Scudder
    4 years ago

    Gary, Changing the SSID not not help, and I could not find a Containers folder at Macintosh HD/Library/. I sent an email to Tim Cook too, but so far no response. I guess I will keep trying support.

    4 years ago

    Don’t look in your hard drive’s Library folder. It is in your user Library folder. Use the Go menu in the Finder with the Option key held down as one way to access your user Library folder.
    If you want help from Apple the way to get it is to go to the Genius Bar, not email the CEO.

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