Forum Question: How Do I Upload a DVD Player Created DVD To iMovie Library?

I have several dvd’s which I created on my Magnavox DVD Player from VHS tapes of really old 8mm home movies. I’ve purchased Wondershare DVD Ripper and after working with them for some time, they tell me that Ripper will not do the job. I then was advised to use Handbrake – so I’ve tried that – to no avail. I’ve also purchased and installed Graphic Converter and the same situation exists there. I’ve changed my settings in System Pref’s to every possible arrangement and nothing I do allows me to upload the DVD’s. When I open each of these apps, there simply is no provision to “find” the dvd on my Mac. I’m using a Mac OS X 10.6.8, build 10K549, Intel Core Snow Leopard. Any suggestions?? Thanks.
Sam Sayger

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    2/21/12 @ 7:35 am

    I would use Handbrake for this. Not sure why it isn’t working for you.
    The first thing I would check is whether the DVD plays on your Mac at all. After you insert it, can you then run DVD Player (the app that comes with your Mac) and play the video? If not, then it is an issue of the drive on your Mac not being able to read the disc at all.
    If it does, then you should be able to use Handbrake to “rip” the contents of the DVD to a file. Quit DVD Player and run Handbrake. Then use the “Source” button to select the DVD as the source — select the whole DVD, not the files in it.
    See episode 492:

    Sam Sayger
    2/21/12 @ 8:59 am

    Gary, you are right. I am unable to “play” the DVD using my “DVD Player” for some reason. Tho I select “open DVD Player each time I insert a DVD”, IDVD opens instead. This happens repeatedly so I suppose there is another problem. Thanks so much for all your help.

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