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How do I upload a pdf document to the web?

I typed up a four-page document in Word. Several times in the document, I inserted a two-column table, pasted a jpg photo in one cell and continued typing the document in the cell next to the photo. The photos are 640 x 480 pixels; some are 40KB in size; some are 70 KB. There are eight photos in total. The entire document is 110.63MB.
I saved the document as a .doc file and also saved it as a .pdf file.
How and where can I upload the pdf document onto the web so that I can post the URL as a link on a message board, or so that I can put the URL link in an email. I want people to be able to click on the link and read the pdf document.
Carolyn H.

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    10 years ago

    Well, the first thing I would do is to lower the file size. 100MB+ is too big for a reasonable download, even in our high-bandwidth world. But are you sure the file is 110.63MB? If there are 8 photos at the maximum of 70KB, then that’s 560KB for the photos — which is much less than 1MB.
    Perhaps some of the photos are larger than you think? Or maybe you have something else going on in there?
    If the photos are huge, you can always open it in Preview, Save As, and then use the Quartz Filter “Reduce File Size.”
    See episode 361:
    As for where to upload it, well that is up to you. Upload it to your own web site, or a MobileMe site, or a Dropbox public folder. Lots of options. It depends on how professional you want it and what you budget is.

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