Forum Question: How Do I Use AirDrop To Move Live Photos To My MacBook?

When I try to use AirDrop to move a Live Photo from my iPhone 6s (iOS 10.2) to my MacBook (10.12.2), all that AirDrop transfers is the still image.
However, if I use a USB cable to move the Live Photo from my phone to my Mac, the Live Photo is preserved.
When I use AirDrop the photos automatically are sent to the Downloads folder.  I don’t get an AirDrop window on the Mac that would allow me to “Open in Photos” as per the Apple Support website instructions for Live Photo transfer using AirDrop.

Any ideas?
Julie S

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    12/30/16 @ 9:10 am

    Interesting. I’m guessing that this is a bug in Share option of the Photos app. Sounds like it is exporting the jpg portion of the live photo. Or, maybe it is meant to work that way as most of the things you “share” to won’t understand the live photos.
    Sounds like you have a work-around by using the cable. You can do the same with Wi-Fi if you have iTunes Wi-Fi syncing enabled. Also, if you are using iCloud Photo Library this is a non-issue as the Photo libraries are in sync so the live photo just appears on your Mac.

    Julie S
    12/30/16 @ 9:24 am

    Hi Gary, Thanks so much for the reply. I do not have iCloud Photo Library turned on. I agree that it seems only the jpg part is being exported from phone to Mac on AirDrop. I was seized with the issue because the Apple site seems to suggest that AirDrop will work for transferring Live Photos and keeping them live. I’ll keep trying and let you know if I find a solution.

    this is the Apple link

    Julie S
    12/30/16 @ 10:43 am

    Sorry, the link did not go through. This is the key part of the Apple instructions on using AirDrop to transfer photos

    “Files sent using AirDrop are placed in the Downloads folder. If you transfer a Live Photo to recipients with OS X v10.11.4 or later, they can play the Live Photo. To do so, they must click Open in Photos in the AirDrop window; if they click Accept, only the still image will be sent.”

    12/30/16 @ 10:48 am

    Right. That’s why I’m sure it is a bug. It should work.

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