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How Do I Use an External Microphone With a 2019 MacBook Air?

I’m doing Zoom webinars from my 2019 MacBook Air, but I want better audio quality than just the internal microphone. There’s a headphone jack, but no audio in, just the two USB-C ports. I suspect there’s some way to input audio via USB-C, but all my Google results are either audio out, or for a different Mac. Is this possible?

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    2 years ago

    Yes, certainly. You have two options,. A simple one is to plug in a pair of Apple EarPods to the headphone jack. The ones you uses to get with iPhones before the switched to Lightning connectors. Then the mic from this EarPods should work. You can also connect wireless AirPods to the Mac if you have those and then you have a wireless mic.

    But for the best quality, you want to simply use a USB mic. There are many, ranging in price up to $200 or so. I happen to use that to do my show. I use a Audio-Technica AT2020USB+, which runs $150. But you can find other USB microphones that cost much less for a little less quality. Just search Amazon.

    One thing you will need is a USB adapter since these all use USB-A connections. So a USB C to A male to female adapter. You can usually find 2-packs or 3-packs of these on Amazon for under $10. Handy to have. Or, if you already have a USB hub for your MacBook Air, then you already have a way to connect USB A devices.

    2 years ago

    Ok, cool. I actually have the USB adapter in a pack of adapters I got a while back. Looking at microphones now. Thanks!

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