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How Do I Use Automator Workflows Across All Of My Macs?

I use a number of Automator scripts on my Mac Pro that I would also like use on my Mac Mini and MacBook Air.
What is the best method to do this? I’d like to keep them in one spot, so if I modify something, all of my machines will use the new version.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Ed Weaver
Ed Weaver

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    2 years ago

    Why not just save them to your iCloud Drive then? The Automator app should even create an Automator folder for you if you want to use that. But you can put them anywhere on your iCloud Drive.

    The one problem with that is if you want to place those scripts in your Services folder. That has to be in your user library, so it can’t be on iCloud Drive. Still, it is pretty simple to have a central place on iCloud Drive for the workflows and the copy those Services workflows to your Services folder on each of the three machine.

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