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How Do I Use “Bring All To Front”?

On the menu bar at the top of the page, under “Window” is the command “Bring All to Front”… but I can’t find any useful information on HOW to use this command or even WHAT it does. I have clicked on it from various applications and as far as I can tell nothing ever happens. It seems to be a totally useless command but I seriously doubt Apple would do anything like that. Can you PLEASE straighten me out on what this command actually does, and how do I use it, perhaps with an example, as well? Thank you.
Morey Chelsy

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    4 years ago

    So let's say you are using Pages and have three documents open in three windows. But you also have Numbers open with a Numbers document and Keynote open with a Keynote document. So you have 5 windows total.

    Now lets' say you switch to Keynote. So that window is in front of the others. Then you switch to Numbers, so that window in in front now. Then you click on one of the three Pages windows, so that it is now in front. But the other two Pages windows are still behind the Numbers and Keynote ones.

    You can use Bring All to Front to bring ALL of the Pages windows in front of all others. So the two other Pages windows will move ahead of Numbers and Keynote. They will still be behind the frontmost Pages window, however.

    So basically, it brings all the windows of the current app in front of all of the windows of other apps.

    If you simply switch to an app, that is already true. So it is easy to see why you would notice the difference.

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