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How Do I Use iCloud Keychain With Existing Keychain Access Apps On Two Devices?

I would like to begin using iCloud Keychain in conjunction with two separate devices under the same Apple ID. How do I synchronize the two existing Keychain Access apps through iCloud Keychain? The two Keychain Access apps (Laptop and Desktop) contain the same passwords but other info (security questions) maybe in a different order in Comments: or location under Where:

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    4 years ago

    It is pretty simple and straight-forward. Turn on iCloud Keychain on one device, start using it. Then turn it on on the second device. Then from then on, you’ll be saving passwords to your iCloud account and both machines will have them.
    So right now you have passwords saved in two places: two keychains on two Macs. According to this page ( when you first start using iCloud Keychain it will take “any previously-saved website usernames and passwords, Wi-Fi networks, and Internet accounts” and move them over to your new iCloud Keychain. Your old keychain (AKA your “login” keychain) will remain, BTW, and is still used by some things.
    What happens if you have the password in both places? Well, I assume that if it is the same, then just one is kept. If not, then both are. It is normal for someone to have multiple IDs to the same site — multiple Gmail accounts, or YouTube accounts, or Twitter, etc.
    It has been years since I switched to iCloud Keychain, and of course on an older version of macOS, so I can’t say exactly how it should work. But this should give you the basics.

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