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How Do I Use Mail Drop?

Does MacMost have a tutorial on Using Mail Drop?

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    2 years ago

    There’s really no technique to using Mail Drop. It is just a feature you enable and then it works invisibly when needed. All it does is take an attachment that is too large to comfortably send via email and it uploads it to iCloud instead. The recipient gets a link in the email to download it. Chances are they don’t even notice the difference.

    You turn it on in Mail, Preferences, Accounts, (choose account), Account Information, and then check Send large attachments with Mail Drop. Then it is used when needed. You don’t need to do anything. Just attach files to email messages as normal.

    Smith John
    2 years ago

    The option to use Mail Drop does not appear in my POP account but is available in another account which is IMAP. Is this normal?

    2 years ago

    John: I think so. POP is a very old email service type that doesn’t work well with modern uses for email. You should move away from it as soon as you can.

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