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How Do I Use Multiple Text Colors In a Cell That Contains a Formula?

I have some cells that use the results of a formula, for example =”Today is: “& TODAY() and I would like to have the two parts in different text color (without making two separate cells). Is this possible?

I have several cells with similar setup and would like to do this for making the information display on the screen friendlier and easier to highlight.
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    1 year ago

    It is possible. Create a table with one cell. Put "Today is: " in that cell with the color you like. Then in any cell you want to use that text, refer to the cell instead of the text in quotes. So if the 1-cell table is "Color Text" then:

    =Color Text::$A$1 & TODAY()

    Make sure you use preserve row and column when referring to that cell. Thus the dollar signs before the A and 1. This will keep that reference steady as you copy and paste elsewhere.

    Another option is to simply have two cells, one to the left with "Today is:" and have that right justified. Then the other cell with TODAY() next to it that is right justified. You can remove the border line between these cells.

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