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How Do I Use Shortcut To Put an App On a Specific Desktop?

I have a shortcut I use every morning that open some apps I will use (for example : Safari, Mail and Music). I also like to have my apps on different desktops (Safari on desktop 2, Mail on desktop 3 etc.). When I launch my shortcut, all the apps are opening on the same desktop (the one I’m in). Is there a way to automatically put an app in a specific desktop using shortcut or do I still need to do it manually after I launched the shortcut ?

I always close every apps on my Mac at night (not the Mac itself) and open those apps in the morning. So I created this shortcut but I’d like it to also put the apps on their appropriate desktop automatically…
I use those different desktops after seeing one of your videos … and loving it that way !
Alain R.

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    2 years ago

    When you quit the apps, the windows close and are gone. When you start them again, new windows are created. It doesn't know you want those new windows on specific desktops. If it did, people would have the opposite problem with apps launching and the windows missing because they aren't on the current desktop.

    You can't use Shortcuts to help in this situation. There's no action that will move a window to a different desktop.

    However, you can Control+click on an app in the Dock, go to Options, and then assign the app to the current desktop. That may work unless you have multiple windows from the same app on more than one desktop. These options only appear if you currently have two or more desktop spaces active.

    But the real way to get what you want is to simply NOT close the apps. There's no reason to do this. Just leave those apps running and those windows open and you won't have the problem in the first place.

    Alain R.
    2 years ago

    Thanks Gary ! I'll leave the apps open as you suggest.

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