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How Do I Use Styles In the Mac Mail App?

I find that the app changes the TAB-size, indent and line-spacing almost at will and I can find no settings where I can control any of these functions

Moreover, the FORMAT menu has a STYLES function, at the bottom, which is always grayed out and inaccessible – under what conditions can I access this menu item?

On the same FORMAT drop-down, there are items to COPY, PASTE and REMOVE styles – how are these used? I had thought that these would work much as the COPY-FORMAT function in other Apps but not so. I can COPY the format of the line I want but when I PASTE it to an erroneous line, it does not change to match the desired line. Similarly, I would expect the REMOVE style function to take you back to a default line style but not so

Totally confused and the HELP is absolutely useless !:O(

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    2 years ago

    I’m not sure what the Style, Styles… menu item does. It is grayed out for me as well. But as far as Copy Style and Paste Style, those work for me. For instance, if I select a word that is bold and italic, then use Style, Copy Style, then select another word and use Paste Style, then that new word becomes bold and italic. Are you selecting the text before the copy and then selecting new text before the paste?

    I also see that Remove Style works to strip the bold or whatever else from selected text.

    If you are trying to nicely format text in an email I would caution you against it. What you see when you read an email message depends on what app you are using to read it. So you can style text all you want in Mac Mail, if the recipient is using an app on another operating system, or mobile device, they could see something very different if their app doesn’t support the formatting. This would be especially true using tabs. I would avoid tabs or any kind of spacing in email messages. It isn’t going to look the same on a phone, etc.

    For personal email, I find it is best to always just stick with text. If you need to format something nicely then maybe consider creating a PDF document and sending that.

    2 years ago

    Puzzled that you too cannot activate the ‘Styles’ function

    I normally use RTF for my messages – sometimes even to write documents like Minutes

    If say I’m making an indented list of items, suddenly double-line spacing will appear or the indent size will change and I can find no menu options to control this

    In using the Style-Copy and Style-Paste functions, yes I am first selectine a line, or lines or words to apply the functions but nothing seems to address spacing or indent…

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