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How Do I View Autoplay.exe Videos On a Mac?

I receive videos from work that are generated in windows programs. They are Autoplay.exe or Flashplayer.exe. There are also files with .dll and .xml. they come on cd’s or thumb drives. I have a MacBook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.3. I have tried to find apps that will run these but have been unsuccessful. I would like to retain my ability to draft and take notes in pages while viewing, so I haven’t tried bootcamp. These videos are the only application that I need that I can’t preform with my Mac.

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    2 years ago

    So a Windows .exe file is an application. Naturally, you can only run these while running Windows. It sounds like these are CDs that are supposed to autoplay when you insert the CD into a Windows computer. The .exe files are not the video, but the application that plays the video. Although it is possible to have the video embedded inside the application, I don’t think that is what is happening here.

    Most likely the video is another file there, perhaps in a subfolder. I would look for files deep in there that are large and have extensions like .flv, or maybe .mp4 or something like that. Once you find the video itself, you may be able to open it in QuickTime Player, or maybe the more versatile VLC app. That’s your best bet.

    A better method would be to go back to whomever is generating these videos and explain that they are using an old method that only works on Windows. They should be able to provide these in a way that is much more friendly to multiple platforms. The idea of providing a CD with an Autoplay.exe dates back to when some computers didn’t even have software that could play video and video file formats were not standard. There should really be no reason to produce video this way today.

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