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How Do I View One Character In All Installed Fonts?

I’m aware that Font Book offers nice views of the entire character set in any desired font in your system. But is there a way to see *one specific* character *all at once* displayed in each font. For example, I’d like to be able to see one screen full of thumbnails of every representation of the upper case Q available to me. Thanks.
John Russell

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    10 years ago

    You can do this using the Character Viewer. See Episode 78 ( to learn how to bring that up.
    Then use the search field at the upper right. Type that one character, such as "Q" in the search field.
    Now, look at the lower right portion of the Character Viewer (at least in Mountain Lion, may differ in older). Scroll down there. It starts with Related Characters, but after that there are Font Variations where it shows the character in every font.

    John Russell
    10 years ago

    Thanks, Gary! That's a solution I'd have looked a long, long time for.

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