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How Do I Work By Linking the Cell To the Cell In the iCloud Copy of Numbers?

Explained to us in the link:

How to link the same cell to the cell in another table. But it is not available in the iCloud version. It does not work in the same way as on the desktop.

I would be grateful if you give me the reason.

My field of work sometimes necessitates dealing with iCloud in the number and other Mac programs using Windows devices.

I specialize in spreadsheets.

I want to know why there is no same feature and method in iCloud.
REEMA taha

Comments: One Response to “How Do I Work By Linking the Cell To the Cell In the iCloud Copy of Numbers?”

    1 year ago

    I assume you mean using the web app at, is that right?

    I can't tell you the reason as only Apple's software developers would know that. Probably has to do with the limitations of working as an app on a webpage. But I can tell you how to work around it.

    It works the same, but it doesn't appear that you can simply click to select the cell you want. Instead, you'll need to type it out. So if you have a table on Sheet 2, and you want to show the value of cell B5 in a table named "Table 1" on the sheet named "Sheet 1" then you'd manually type this formula:

    ='Sheet 1' :: 'Table 1' :: B5

    Make sure you put the name of the sheet and the name of the title in single quotes, exactly as they are in your document. Make sure you use two colons (::) to separate them.

    Or, just do it in the Numbers app on your Mac the regular way. If the document is saved to iCloud you can share it with someone else and they can access it at the web app. So you build it in the Numbers app, and then view it at

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