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How Do I You Clear All History On Mac Maps?

How to clear all search history, including favorites in Maps?

The reason why history in Maps needs to be cleared is simply too large and most of these destinations have no value to me.
Stace Vega

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    2 years ago

    If you look in the left sidebar for Maps, in the Recents section, at the very bottom of the list is a Clear Recents button.

    This also appears when you search, click More next to Recents, and then look for "Clear" at the bottom of the list.

    As for Favorites, you have to do those one at a time. You probably don't want to delete them all anyway, as I'm sure many are useful or you wouldn't have marked them as Favorites in the first place.

    To delete a Favorite, Control+click on it in the left sidebar (or right+click with a mouse, two-finger-click with a trackpad) and choose Remove from Favorites.

    Stace Vega
    2 years ago

    The first part, was pretty much a given.
    Thaw last part (Control, click) was exactly what I’ve been racking my brains about.
    Many thanks

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