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How Do PC Users Hear Audio When Watching a Keynote Live Presentation?

I uploaded a Keynote presentation to my iCloud account and shared it via Keynote Live with company employees in different cities. Mac users see and hear all slides including audio. PC users see the slides, animations and videos but have no audio. Any solutions to get PC users to hear the audio? I have an iMac with Mojave 10.14 Running Keynote 8.2
Tom Hicks

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    2 years ago

    It should work the same. I don’t have a PC to test, but what I would do is to start by testing with a PC you have access to so you can try different things. Try different browsers: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and see if that makes a difference. There may be some settings in those browsers that control the playback of audio in HTML5, which is what Keynote Live is using when displayed in a browser.

    Just like with most troubleshooting, it takes investigating, testing, trying things, rinse and repeat.

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