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How Do the Recent Updates Function – If At All – If Lion Is Not Installed?

Lion did not appeal to me as an OS, so I did not load it on my MacBook Pro. I also have a PC running XP and did not upgrade to Vista (ugh!) or Windows7 soon W8 also because I do not find them to offer improvement advantageous to my use of computers.
It appears Apple is now also requiring the most recent Lion OS and Windows Vista or Windows7 for use of the recent humungous updates.
How do these requirements inhibit/restrict the use of the iOS5 and 10.+ updates with the iPod Touch – latest edition, and the iPad2 if Lion and WV or W7 are not installed?
Thanks for any assistance.

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    10 years ago

    Without Lion on your Mac you really can’t take advantage of the iCloud features when it comes to syncing between your Mac and iOS devices.
    I can’t say for sure why Apple does things, but as a software engineer myself I can see how it would be difficult to build in new features into both the old and new operating systems.
    Think about it for a minute — if Apple built iCloud and other updates into Snow Leopard, then wouldn’t Snow Leopard just BE Lion? So where do you draw the line? Apple still provides security updates and most application updates (new Safari, iTunes, iLife, etc) for Snow Leopard. But if they also provided all the system updates then that is the same thing as what they ARE doing, which is providing a new system (Lion).
    So when you say that Lion doesn’t appeal to you as an OS, that contradicts your implied interest in those new features. Those new features are part of Lion. So then maybe Lion DOES appeal to you?
    See what I am saying?
    Now as for specifics, I can’t speak about the Windows requirements. But for Mac OS, you’ll need Lion to use iCloud and take advantage of the contacts, calendar, bookmark syncing. Other features like iTunes Match maybe too.

    10 years ago

    Appreciate your response. Something in me is repelled by “have to’s” in order to use.
    I have read via other research that if the recent massive iOS releases were uploaded w/out having installed Lion when one subsequently installed Lion it wiped out all of the iOS which then had to be reloaded. Have you run across this situation? Are the reported results accurate &/or is there a way to retains the large iOS action to avoid having to reload it?

      10 years ago

      I haven’t run across that, no. Don’t see why it would do that. Upgrading to Lion shouldn’t affect your iOS devices in that way.

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