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How Do We Get Both Our Calendars To Communicate On Different Apple ID’s?

I put an appointment on my IPhone but it doesn’t go to my wife’s phone, and the same happens with her. We have separate Apple ID’s, but this is essential so that we can have our own medical profile on our phones.
Peter Heels

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    4 years ago

    Create a calendar that you both share.
    On a Mac, launch Calendar. Then choose File, New Calendar and create this new iCloud calendar. Then choose it on the left and go to Edit, Share Calendar. Add her to it.
    You can do it on the iPhone too. In the Calendar app, Tap Calendars at the bottom. Then Edit at the top. Under iCloud choose Add Calendar. Give it a name and a color. Tap Done.
    Then tap the new calendar in the list and tap Add Person.
    Now use that calendar to set up events that you both want to know about or share. Some people may just start using this calendar for everything. Some people may put some events on their personal calendar (I do this for work stuff) and some on their shared calendar (family stuff).

    Carol Fortlage
    4 years ago

    Alternately, each of you can share your personal calendar with the other. Right click on the calendar name, choose Share Calendar, and enter the spouse’s identifying info on the line for share with. To the best of my recollection, you’d each then accept the share invitation. You could make your calendars public, but that’s not necessary to achieve what you’ve stated you want.

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