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How Do We Set Up an Apple ID for a Mac Club?

We are a retirement community with a Mac presence in our Computer Club. We would like to set up an Apple ID for our Mac computers without having to use personal credentials as we have done in the past. Is this possible? We have a total of 15 in the Lab & Classroom.
Jan Franklin

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    2 years ago

    I don’t think fake Apple IDs is what you want. An Apple ID should be associated with a person. Thinking of all of the things you do with an Apple ID, like iCloud storage and syncing, you wouldn’t want that set up on a public computer like that. Someone using it would then be saving things to that computer for the next person to see.

    The one problem I see is app installation and updates. You’d need an Apple ID for that. I’ve never had to set up a room of public computers before, but I believe that Apple has a specific process for that.

    Maybe it is Classroom for Mac? That seems to be one way, at least. Obviously you don’t need some of the learning parts of that, but maybe it lets you administer the 15 Macs the way you want. See

    Do you know anyone else that has set up a room full of public Macs? Maybe someone else can chime in here who has actually done it. I’d love to learn more myself. Otherwise, I would also try calling Apple and seeing if they can point you to the right product.

    Jan Franklin
    2 years ago

    Thanks so much for your answer. We are pursuing possible instructions from one such other Club. We don’t intend to set up iCloud or do any purchasing on our Macs–merely teaching the basics and using the Apple ID for updating/upgrading. Any other comments/help would be appreciated.

    2 years ago

    We have Macs in our Computer Lab. We set them up using an Apple ID with security questions that are given to the Mac Teachers.

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