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How Do We Tell Maps About a New Road?

A nearby city just opened a new highway that bypasses the town (we had to drive through before). Is there a way in Maps to notify Apple of this to get it added? Right now Maps gets confused because it thinks I’m off roading.

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    11 years ago

    There's a way to do this right inside the app.
    Just go to near the location you want to report. Perhaps drop a pin in the spot close to the problem.
    Then tap the bottom right corner to reveal the buttons (Print, Show Traffic, etc).
    Look carefully above the Print button and you'll see "Report a Problem." Tap there.
    Then continue through the screens to describe the issue.
    I haven't heard many reports of how long it takes them to make changes. Probably expect it to be months as there are a lot of reports coming in, I'm sure. I know when I have reported to Google Maps in the past it has taken months for a change to appear, if it appears at all.

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