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How do you add an image behind a video of you

For Example how do you, Gary, in every one of your videos, at the end put a video of you with a black background and it says “Macmost”. Plz help!

— Paul Bitutsky

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    10 years ago

    That logo is actually in front of me. I’m using Wirecast to record the videos and do composition like that live. See episode 256 for more information:

    Paul Bitutsky
    10 years ago

    Thank you so much!!!

    Wayne Garriepy
    10 years ago

    Hope you are having a nice holiday weekend and i’m sorry to disturb you, but i can;t seem to any input from people on this challenge. I did make a 1 minute m4v screencast illustrating the challenge if there is any way to forward.
    In the meantime, here is what I wrote in the Apple forums:

    A few days back, without a reason, iM 09 would not open. After pref trash and permission repair there was no change. After re-install it now opens, but has odd behavior (will not play projects and events clips stutter. I also noticed that QT (have X & 7Pro) begins to play backwards when the cursor hovers over the screen. Just did the latest OS update, no change
    Any similar experiences out there and any solutions if so.
    I’ve been throught the iMovie threads for the last hour and see nothing that relates.
    Wayne Garriepy (Mac since 99)

    I should add that QT X does not play when prompted, but when I drag in the scrubber and pull the playhead forward, the playhead, when released, as in QT7, plays backward.
    I’ve had friends make screenshots of how the preferences appear (their names & size) in their Home folders and there seems to be no difference. Really stumped.


      10 years ago

      Seems like you have several problems at once. I’d re-install Snow Leopard to see if that helps. If not, I’d clean the disk and do a fresh re-install (assume you have all you data backed up).

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