Forum Question: How do you get to the page before, you filled a form in?

This topic,and i am not alone, I have never found an answer to this question yet. Example – you have just filled in a form or bought something,then a drop down appears warning you,that the form will be duplicated or the object you bought will also be duplicated,and you will have bought two instead of one. I want to get to the previous page before you have filled in the form.
I click on the Red light, and you are off the Internet. I have just tried a new way using the History,thats the only way i can get to the page before i have filled a form in.
Mr Anthony Cotton

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    8/2/11 @ 4:27 pm

    So it depends on the web site and how it works. But it sounds like you don’t want to go to the previous page, but the one before it. That would be why using History works.
    Have you tried simply pressing and holding the back button in the browser? That gives you direct access to that window’s history. Then choose the one two pages back.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    8/3/11 @ 1:52 pm

    Yes thats right the one before it. I have tried just pressing the back button,but that warning drop comes down,and i don`t need to tell you about that. You were talking on a video about this topic. I will have to look it up. The next time it crops up i will try that. Thanks Gary

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