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How Do You Install More Memory On an Older Computer?

How do you get more memory for your computer?
I’m trying to upgrade to Lion and it keeps telling me my computer is incompatible, which doesn’t make any sense to a person who thinks “I have Macintosh, why’s it ‘incompatible’ for installing Lion?”
Then I saw that it’s 4gb to upgrade, and I only have ONE Gigabyte.
Am I going to have to spend $700 for a whole new computer, or can I get more memory?
But how do you install memory on a Mac mini?
Vicki B.

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    11 years ago

    Here's a video on how to upgrade your memory.
    It is one of those things, like changing oil in your car, or setting a broken bone, that if you have to ask the question, then you should probably have a professional do it. Some models of the Mac mini make it fairly easy to do, but not all.
    And it will probably not solve your problem. Just upgrading your memory may not be enough. Your processor may also be too old to use Mountain Lion. In that case you'll have to get a new Mac if you want Mountain Lion. Or just stick with Lion on that older Mac.

    Vicki B.
    11 years ago

    I tried to get the older version of Lion, but the App store kept insisting that I get Mountain Lion, and I was too exhausted to be creative about getting the other version.
    Is Mountain Lion a LOT better than the previous Lion? My friend said she got it and suddenly can't use Facebook with Mountain Lion.

      11 years ago

      Right, you can't get Lion anymore. So you are forced to by a newer, better OS that costs less. Interesting if you think about it.
      Can't use Facebook? That's ridiculous. Facebook works fine with Mountain Lion. If she is having such a problem she should get it checked out. Maybe some browser extension or third-party thing is causing problems.

    Andy Hinds
    11 years ago

    About getting Lion: altho' it's not listed on the App Store, you may still be able to get it. At least I was able to do so a month or so ago. I simply called Apple, said I needed Lion for an older Macbook I was passing on to a relative, and for $20 they let me download it. It's worth a try (free phone call to 1-800-MY-APPLE).

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