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How Do You Make an Exact Copy Of DVD ?

Hi Gary
I have been given a DVD of my boys football match by the other team and would like to make copies for all my team is there a quick way to copy the DVD .i have an iMac running mountain lion
Many thanks Simon

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    11 years ago

    An easy way is to use Toast to do it. It has a function for exactly this.
    Harder, but free, is to use Disk Utility. You need to create a disk image from that disc. That saves it as a large file. Then you can burn a new copy from that image.
    The way it should work is to run Disk Utility and select the DVD from the list on the left. Then in the file menu, create a new image from that disc. This makes the file.
    Then eject that disc and put in a blank one. Use the Burn button to then select the image file you just made and burn it to the blank disc.
    That should work as long as there is no copy protection on the DVD -- probably not since this sounds like a home video.

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