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How Do You Open Multiple Folders Simultaneously?

How can I open more than one folder at a time? The purpose is for me to organize the contents of the folders by dragging items to/from these folders while they are opened.

Joe V

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    3 years ago

    The way to do that is to simply open up two Finder windows. In the first window, you navigate to the first folder. In the second window you navigate to the second folder. Then you can drag and drop items between these two folders by dragging them between the windows.

    Once you have two windows on the screen, you can arrange them any way you wish. You can size one to fit the left half and one to fit the right half. Or the top and bottom, or two smaller windows to be positioned as you like.

    In the Finder you can open a new window with File, New Finder Window.

    Joe V
    3 years ago

    At first the instructions didn't work. Upon examination of System Preferences > General > Prefer Tabs option, I found that the Apple support person had me set the "Opening Documents" to "Tabs Always". Once I changed that to "Never", I could easily open two folders simultaneously. Thank you very much!

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